Know Your Business Numbers, with Ryan Stewart

Episode 32:

Know your business numbers? If you don’t, you don’t have all the info you need to make the best possible business decision. Hear insights about:

  • How Ryan fell in love with digital marketing very early in the field’s existence, and how he scaled up to where he is today
  • How The Blueprint Training came to be, and what kinds of SEO training services and resources they offer clients
  • Why the key financial mistake Ryan sees agencies making is classifying everything as expenses rather than separating out labor costs
  • Why it is crucial to know your business numbers like profit margins, expenses, labor costs, and other key metrics
  • Why Ryan and his team fire clients if they aren’t reaching an 80% gross margin from the client, even if it is no fault of the client’s
  • Why you need to reach a point where you aren’t the only one doing everything in your business, and why hiring others is a smart business investment
  • Why investing in coaches and training is another smart business investment, and why all your free time should be devoted to marketing your business
  • Why “doing more” for your clients isn’t the right way to add value, and why having one amazing offer is better than having lots of generic products or services

Know Your Business Numbers

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Ryan Stewart is the Managing Partner at WEBRIS, a search marketing agency that helps B2B companies increase leads from Google through short term SEO sprints. Ryan is also the Managing Partner at The Blueprint Training, a training platform for SEO professionals and agencies offering templates, SOPs, video training and private Slack channels.