Tips for Scaling a Business, with Sean White

Episode 19:

Tips for scaling a business that can help you build a powerful foundation for your business and its growth. Hear insights about:

  • Why Sean created Whiteboard Marketing in an effort to leave the corporate grind and be more present in the lives of his family
  • How Sean grew Whiteboard Marketing from a solo operation in 2005 to more than 30+ team members today, and why he was attracted to the dental practice marketing niche
  • What key tips for scaling a business Sean learned when creating and growing Whiteboard Marketing
  • Why you should focus on building your revenue to support the growth of your business before you build out your team and office
  • How mastering your execution on your offerings and streamlining your processes is crucial for helping your business thrive
  • Why Sean wishes he had hired someone early on in the life of Whiteboard Marketing whose focus was solely on business development
  • Why one of Sean’s biggest tips for scaling a business is that discipline is a crucial time-management and business leadership skill
  • Why surrounding yourself with the right clients whose businesses are capable of weathering storms is key to long term success

Tips for Scaling a Business

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About Sean White:

Sean White founded Whiteboard Marketing in 2005 and since has continued to flourish as one of the top dental marketing firms in the country. With its unmatched level of personalized service, Whiteboard Marketing continues to fulfill the original mission of providing comprehensive marketing solutions to dental practices. The Whiteboard Marketing team includes account executives, social media specialists, online reputation specialists, a web development team, SEO and Local SEO specialists, pay-per-click specialists, graphic designers, and more. The Whiteboard Marketing team loves finding new and innovative ways to help dental practices attract, acquire and retain patients.

Sean credits his clients for where Whiteboard Marketing is today! Since 2005, Sean has built relationships with dental practices throughout the country and dental association partners such as The Paragon Program, ACT Dental, and The Seattle Study Club, helping them meet their sales and marketing goals. Sean is a graduate of The Ohio State University. His wife Jody is an Account Executive at Whiteboard Marketing and they have three very active teenagers and Lacey-a golden retriever that serves as Chief Barketing Officer.