Viral Online Marketing, with Benton Crane

Episode 27:

Viral online marketing seeks to entertain its audience and be easily shareable. Expert Benton Crane explains how viral online marketing works. Hear insights about:

  • Why Benton describes himself as “three careers” deep into his journey, and how his career path led to being CEO of ad agency Harmon Brothers
  • How Benton’s business partners, his cousins, pioneered viral online marketing on YouTube, and how this led to the innovation of YouTube’s “skip ad” button
  • How the “skip ad” button has transitioned the power back to the viewer and encourages advertisers to add value and earn the attention of viewers
  • What key financial lessons Benton learned as he and his team were growing their advertising agency
  • Why it’s important to value the work you’re doing as much as the money you’re making for doing it
  • Why the common theme to Harmon Brothers’ big wins has been the marriage of an innovative product with equally innovative viral online marketing
  • What time-saving tips, strategies and tools the outbreak of the global pandemic taught Benton to use to make the most of his time and energy
  • Which three key “hats” within the business Benton wears, and why he attempts to delegate work that falls outside of those three hats
  • How Harmon Brothers has the goal of moving beyond ads and into TV and movie creation, and what exciting projects they’re working on now

Viral Online Marketing

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About Benton Crane:

About Benton Crane:

Benton Crane is the Chief Executive Officer of Harmon Brothers, a Provo, Utah-based ad agency behind the most viral ads in internet history. Since 2013, the agency has collectively driven more than 1 billion views and over $300 million in sales through its groundbreaking social media spots.

Crane believes in bringing excellence to everything he does. Starting his career as an automotive repair mechanic, he was honored as the #1 student mechanic in Utah and #2 in the nation. This knack for diagnosing and solving problems led him to study economics and data analytics. In 2011, he was hired by Deloitte in Washington DC where he served as a consultant with various clients across the national intelligence community.

In 2013, he joined newly formed Harmon Brothers for a campaign to promote Poo~Pourri, an internet ad that transformed the way products are marketed. Harmon Brothers went on to produce the most viral ads in internet history, including Squatty Potty, FiberFix, OraBrush, Poo~Pourri, and Purple. The renowned spotmakers just rolled out another already viral sensation, a brand-new spot for Chatbooks, a new product taking scrapbooking to the digital age.

Crane has managed the agency’s growth from its infancy to one of the most sought after ad agencies in the world.