Ben Tuinei began his dental career in 2007, working for a 10 location group practice in Phoenix, Arizona, where he managed all insurance-related functions. He built a notable reputation for negotiating with third-party payers throughout his career to boost annual insurance-related revenue for practices all across the country. He currently serves as the President of Veritas Dental Resources. And he sits on the Board of Directors for The Dental Business School, Business Ownership Mentoring of America, The Dental Leadership Academy, and a co-host on The Navigating Dental Insurance Podcast. In this episode of the Progressive Dentist, Ben joins us to talk about negotiating insurance fees in the dental industry.

Moving the Needle on How Dentists Get Paid

Through working with over 6700 dentists, Ben has influenced over 3 billion dollars of newly negotiated revenue for his clients. He has figured out a new way to move the needle on how dentists get paid. We all know that dentists are getting beat up by these insurance companies on a daily basis, so having someone in your corner to tackle the fee negotiations is invaluable. That is what motivates Ben to continue his work, and it truly makes an impact.

All Insurance Companies are Negotiable

Ben learned early-on that most dentists had no idea that insurance companies were negotiable, and that knowledge goes a long way. From Delta to Blue Cross Blue Shield, Ben has been able to negotiate with every single one of the biggest players. That is the advantage he brings to the table as an outsider to the industry, and he walks through so many of his favorite tactics and strategies during our interview. As always, please visit me at for more informative podcast episodes with other remarkable business leaders.


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