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Embark on a financial adventure with Craig Cody & Company's educational blog articles! It's more than just tax talk; it's a journey of discovery for agency owners eager to transform their financial strategies.

From boosting tax confidence to revealing the superpowers of a proactive CPA, our articles guide you through the financial wilderness, turning complex numbers into steps toward your business success.

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Employee Recruitment Strategies, with Drew McLellan

Employee recruitment strategies that can help you overcome staffing challenges during the pandemic is the key topic. Hear insights about:

  • How Drew and his Agency Management Institute recognized a need for a conference specifically designed for small agencies
  • How the
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Creating Cash Flow, with John Gumas

Creating cash flow by investing your agency profits into real estate or other vehicles can help you grow your wealth. Hear insights about:

  • How Gumas Advertising found its niche in “Challenger Brand Marketing” focused on helping businesses compete with huge,
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When an Employee Lives In Another State, with Craig Cody

Employee lives in another state? Expert Craig Cody explains the complex tax and compliance issues when hiring remote employees. Hear insights about:

  • How hiring out-of-state employees and the increasing prevalence of remote work can impact your taxes and cause
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Real Estate Cash Flow for Agency Owners, with Chris Prefontaine

Real estate cash flow tips from master investor Chris Prefontaine. Terms real estate deals can be a powerful way for agency owners to start investing. Hear insights about:

  • How Chris first got involved in real estate in 1991, and how
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Business Time Management Tips, with Elizabeth Sutherland

Business time management tips from special guest Elizabeth Sutherland can help you and your team get more done in less time…and with less headache. Hear insights about:

  • How Elizabeth and her business partner merged their competing agencies to create Sutherland
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Better Billing Solutions That Can Save You Money, with Benjamin Philabaum

Better billing solutions can make a big difference to your agency’s bottom line. Guest Benjamin Philabaum from Biddyco explains how. Hear insights about:

  • How the team at Biddyco helps e-commerce brands get more customers and revenue through Facebook and Google
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How to Approach the Succession Planning Process, with Drew McLellan

Drew McLellan discusses the best approach to the succession planning process so agency owners can build a realistic exit strategy.

  • How to approach the succession planning process
  • Why succession planning is a long game, and how to set yourself up
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Mastering the Time Management Process in Project Management, with Jeff Eisenberg

Jeff Eisenberg discusses the importance of the time management process in project management for agency leaders. Hear insights about:

  • Jeff’s journey into advertising and entrepreneurship
  • How to build a time management process in project management systems
  • The tools Jeff and
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Running a Digital Marketing Agency with a Growth Mindset, with Jon Tsourakis

Jon Tsourakis shares tips for running a digital marketing agency in the post-pandemic landscape. Hear insights about:

  • Jon’s journey into marketing and entrepreneurship
  • The different products and services that make Oyova unique
  • Jon’s perspective on running a digital marketing agency
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How to Pivot Your Business in Times of Crisis, with Duane Carey

Duane Carey explains how to pivot your business during a pandemic so you can stop surviving and start thriving. Hear insights about:

  • Duane’s role as the owner and lead strategist of IMPACT Marketing & Public Relations
  • How IMPACT pivoted during
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